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Write A Lincolnshire Song

Previous Competition Results

All previous results are available as an Excel spreadsheet or as a web page file, (to be unzipped and viewed in a browser). Choose one of the types from the selections below.


Winner - Nobody Listened to Miranda by Andy Tymens
Sung by Andy Tymens

Andy Tymens
Andy Tymens singing Nobody Listened To Miranda

Runners Up

Fire And Brimstone by Andy Lenton
Sung by Andy Lenton


The Ramblers Church by Julie Wigley and Tony Fowkes
Sung by Stonesthrow


Winner - Brass Buttons by Barry Bray & Roger Sadler
Sung by Peasants Revolt

Peasants Revolt
Peasants Revolt singing Brass Buttons

Runners Up

Tears and Memory by Ian & Michelle Wright
Sung by Ian & Michelle Wright


Keel-A-Hoy by Mark Ashworth
Sung by Mark Ashworth


Winner - The Usher Imp by Julie Wigley
Sung by Stonesthrow

Stonesthrow receiving their prize

Runner Up - The Winceby Stone by Jan & Paul Ramsey
Sung by Jan & Paul Ramsey

Third - Toadman by Amanda Lowe
Sung by Amanda Lowe

Performance Prize - Stonesthrow for The Usher Imp